Hawaii Resort Photography - Passion and Planning

Having been to this Kauai resort before, I knew what was needed for a photography shoot that truly embraced the area.  I was hired for a photo shoot, but with weather- particularly on the North Shore- you never know what kind of conditions you are going to have. I ended up planning my stay for an extended time, and it was definitely needed! There is no way you can just show up to a location and expect the lighting to be perfect in order to get all of the shots the client is requesting. It takes time, planning, and resilience. I may have not shot all day, every day for the entire two weeks, but I needed all of that time between the scouting, planning, and preparation.

It’s up to the photographer to embark on this kind of journey… because you are not just being hired for a project- you are trying to tell a story through the imagery. Shooting on location can be stressful at times, but I try to embrace the experience because it is a journey on its own, and I enjoy that.

Email from content writer
“Oh. My. God.
Joe, the property photos are beautiful, of course (I knew they would be). But you absolutely blew me away with the area photos. All together they TOTALLY capture Kauai’s north shore, right down to the rainbows. The greens, the blues, the water, the mountains, the sun shining through the mist on the road. Honestly, I got goosebumps. You are BRILLIANT!!!! You captured the look and feel of Hanalei. Period.”

Complimentary review aside, this may be one of the best projects I have ever worked on. It takes my love and passion for photography from a variety of angles- architectural, landscape, and food photography all mixed together in this one shoot. In the end, I feel like my experience with website design and marketing played a huge roll in the success of this photo shoot. I understood the client’s needs, and I knew from a marketing perspective that new creative imagery was really going to show off this location… And what a beautiful location this is! Thank You - Joe Jenkin

Below are a few sample images from my journey to Hanalei Colony Resort:
All images are copyrighted by JOE JENKIN PRODUCTIONS.

The Area/Experience