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My first “real” experience with photography happened during my sophomore year in high school. My older brother had taken a photography course, so I took the class as well. Instantly, I fell in love with the art form. It was amazing to me that I could go outside and walk through the woods of Wisconsin, shoot whatever I thought was interesting, and then make it into art in the darkroom. I was hooked.

Loving nature photography, I was seduced by the beauty of Ansel Adams’ work, but while researching an artist for a competition, I was intrigued by the works of Eliot Porter and a book called Nature’s Chaos. From there, I knew I wanted to go to photography school.

I moved to Colorado in 1999 to attend Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, having never even visited the campus. I will forever love the decision I made to move out to the Rocky Mountains. My biggest obstacle was shooting photography in the mountains of Colorado with no car. This forced me to walk around in nature and really take in the fine details that no one else noticed. It made me realize that nature is not just about beautiful vistas and mountain peaks but what makes that ecosystem so special; SHADOW & LIGHT. These played and continue to play a big role in my imagery.

After 2.5 years of photography school, I graduated with a portfolio in fashion photography. Shortly after graduation, in 2002, I dove into website design for the hospitality industry. Designing for hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts inspired me to become a hotel and resort photographer as I saw the need for captivating, crisp images to really make websites engaging. And the rest, as they say, is history. Since then, I have been designing websites and shooting photographs for the hospitality industry. In the last 10 years, I have also learned resort video production (shooting and editing), which has proven to be an invaluable marketing tool for travel and hotels.

But enough about me! I would love to hear your story and how I can help you develop stunning visual imagery for your property.


phone: 970-948-9031

Photographing the Tetons in Jackson, WY

Photographing the Tetons in Jackson, WY

My Mission:

I want to help people in the hospitality industry succeed by showcasing beautiful visuals for everyone to see.

Things that inspire me:

  • My wife: she gives me strength and courage to live a happy life by doing what I love.
  • Photography: this is not a cop-out. Even if I am not on a job, I always travel with my camera as it is not just a job to me; it is a passion (ask my wife- she would love to just go on one trip without me hauling along 4 extra bags).
  • Golfing: I love to feel the competitive edge while playing with friends or in local tournaments.
  • Cooking: this is another outlet for my creativity. Making unique recipes or just sharing something special with my wife gives me great enjoyment.

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