My clients expect a certain vision and expertise from me whenever I photograph a resort or hotel. Although time is always limited, I continuously have a reason and a purpose while shooting for my clients. In addition to being a photographer, I have also been a web designer in the hospitality industry for 14 years. So, during the design process, I am always looking through images the clients provide me, and I want them to sing. In the digital world, you only have 5 seconds or less to capture someone visually, and that is what I try to do with my photographs.

The Story:

The property was setting up scaffolding for me to get a specific photograph from a more elevated position. However, while I was waiting for the set-up to be completed, I scouted a second location to capture the front of the property. While shooting the new-found location, I had a vision on the type of final image I could create. This is a 5-star luxury property, and there isn’t another like it. My vision was to create something ethereal that would capture emotion while viewing. So, on the last day, I went out to capture an early morning sunrise. From that moment, I knew I had my final image. Now, I just had to put all of the pieces together in Photoshop.

Photography is another art form and therefore can be very subjective. I feel like emotion is what makes us human, and I am just trying to evoke that with my imagery. To view other images from this property check out my recent work gallery.

Location: Anguilla

Original Before Edit

Final After Edit

Main Image of Entrance

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