Joe JenkinI love telling stories through visual content and I am truly dedicated to customer satisfaction by giving each and every customer the attention and expertise he or she deserves.

I am a Graphics and Media Specialist with an extensive background in photography, video production and website design.

I earned my Associates Degree in Professional Photography from Colorado Mountain College. I have developed my skills over the last 19 years by photographing pristine golf courses, tropical resorts and striking landscapes all around the United States.

I started working in the hospitality industry in 2001 as a website designer for Blizzard Internet Marketing. After several years at Blizzard, I was hired by RezStream, and in my new environment, I was able to take my design skills to a higher level of proficiency. While employed with RezStream, I worked on hundreds of websites, shot thousands of photographs, and spent countless hours editing video.

Now that I am working for myself, I can take the skills and experience of nearly two decades to develop amazing stories through visual content for my clients.

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Joe Jenkin